Mining Edit

Mining is important in Minecraft (as its name suggests). I will first introduce the types of mining. The first on the list is the staircase mining. A common method, this is really simple. Mine a staircase down to the underground level where the ores you are searching for is commonly generated and collect uncovered minerals. The second type of mining is called strip mining. Strip mining requires you digging 1x2 tunnel. After you dig one tunnel, exit, mine three blocks sideways, and dig another identical tunnel on the third block. Repeat this and you will have several parallel tunnels that will sooner or later uncover rare ores. The third type of mining is quarry mining. As simple as it is, it has you use a lot of time and resources. To do this method, go to the surface and dig out a large square, preferably 10x10. Next dig the exact same thing right below it. Do this multiple times until you have a giant square-shaped crater that goes deep into the bedrock layer. Then, line the mine with ladders or vines to ascend and descend. Finally, the last type of mining I use is called water-rail mining. This type is expensive to use and is usually only used by players that have spare iron and fuel. This is because the method requires at least 5 rails, one block of any kind, a water bucket, one iron pickaxe, one powered minecart, one regular minecart, and 5 coal lumps. Very expensive. Use the pickaxe to dig a short 1x2 tunnel about 5 blocks long. On the second block, place the block of any kind and dump the water bucket on the first to make a small dam. For the rest of the blocks, place rails and place the minecart in the far edge of the rails. Then, place the powered minecart behind it. Now you'll have to act quickly. Break the dam and let the water flush down the tunnel, destroying the rails off of the ground as it goes. Then immediately, with the pickaxe in your right hand, mine the blocks in front of you while holding the remaining rails in the other hand. As you mine, place the rails in front of you, and every so often, collect the water and start another dump.