The Heat of Hardcore Edit

So, you're looking for a challenge? I'm not surprised. On some days, Minecraft is a blast and you feel like you could play for years. But on other days, you feel so bored, you fall asleep. Don't worry, it happens. But instead of falling asleep, try something that will keep you awake. I know what you have in mind - Hardcore Mode! If you're new to Minecraft, you're probably already shaking your head. But as hard as it seems, it's not all too bad. As said a few sections ago, it's basically the same as survival except you're put into a little more pressure. It's relatively easy. Before you start thinking that this wiki is some weird persuading website, let's get right into it. After you set the mode to Hardcore, create a new world. Hopefully it spawns you in a lush world because you've got a big adventure ahead of you. If your world is just plain bad, I advise you to start a new world. Assuming you have a good world by now, start like you would in a regular Survival world. Chop some trees down, make a crafting table, and craft some basic tools to chip away at. Try to find a nearby cliff-side so you can mine some cobblestone with your wooden pickaxe. Once you collect about ten blocks of cobblestone, craft a stone sword and kill some nearby animals. Note that if your hunger bar drops to zero, so will your health bar. Use your stone sword to whack some animals, especially sheep. You'll need to kill three sheep so you can quickly make a bed. I like a bed more than a house for several reasons. First of all, sheep are common, making beds extremely easy to craft, while even the most basic shelters require many blocks. Also, if you are an adventurous type, you might as well bring a small, light bed to your adventures to sleep the night, not a humongous mansion. Try to stay alive as long as you can, and if you die, don't get upset - learn from your mistakes. For more information about staying alive in Hardcore Mode, there are plenty of other websites that will inform you. I suggest